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#1Million Maths is back!

This September, join us as we aim to beat the score! One month. One million questions. More than 100 prizes on offer.

By Deborah Torrington
on August 17 2020
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Our annual #1MillionMaths challenge is back! This September, we're challenging all South African learners to do their bit so we can beat last year's score, when more than 1,8 million questions were answered.

2020 has been a tumultuous year, with learning disrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The #1MillionMaths challenge this year is a chance for students - no matter where they are in their learning - to get back on track, to start preparing for end-of-year exams, or simply to learn something new. And stand in line to win some fantastic prizes!

Here's how it will work

The #DailyDraw: 10 + 250 = 1

Any learner who does 10 questions and earns 250 atoms in a day will earn an entry into the #DailyDraw. This year, we're including both maths and science, so learners can win prizes for both! Every day, we'll be awarding prizes to learners who're active on our platform, through random draws. Prizes will include airtime and data, smartphones, vouchers, bluetooth speakers, earphones, backpacks, and more. Find out more on how to enter: https://www.siyavula.com/1millionmaths

Teacher prizes

Any teacher who logs into their account, and works on the platform, will earn an entry into a weekly teacher draw, to win a prize.

Siyavula #1MillionMaths School of 2020

Any school with more than 10 learners doing questions during September will automatically be part of the #1MillionMaths challenge. The school whose learners earn the most atoms during September will be declared the Siyavula #1MillionMaths School of 2020.

The final showdown

The top 10 learners in each grade and subject on the Platinum leaderboards will be invited to go head to head in the final showdown on 29/30 September. This will take the form of an assignment, done virtually on the Siyavula platform. Learners will need a device to work from, and should be available during the afternoons of 29/30 September. The winners for each grade and subject will be declared #SiyavulaChampion 2020.

Our sponsors

This year, #1MillionMaths is being sponsored by MTN and Sasol, and MTN has sponsored some of the prizes for the final showdown.

Check out https://www.siyavula.com/1millionmaths for more info on how you can join!

You can download the #1MillionMaths poster here, to share with your learners.

The small print

  1. The competition will start on Tuesday 1 September, and end on Wednesday 30 September.
  2. Learners will have to opt in to #1MillionMaths, to be eligible for prizes.
  3. The competition will reward both Maths and Science practice.
  4. To be eligible for a prize, learners must be in their correct grade, and the learner’s contact details must be up-to-date and correct.
  5. Prizes for the #DailyDraw will be done at 12:00 each day, for work completed the previous day (24-hour period from midnight to midnight).
  6. Winners will be informed via SMS or email, and their names announced on our social media channels.
  7. The #DailyDraw will run from Monday to Friday each week.
  8. Prizes for the #DailyDraw will vary in terms of number and value: there will be 2 - 5 winners per day, based on the prizes on offer for that day.
  9. The top 10 learners in the Platinum Leagues will be those who appear on the leaderboards at midnight on Sunday 27 September (for each grade and subject).
  10. The names of the learners who are eligible to take part in the final competition will be announced on Monday 28 September.
  11. The final competition will take the form of a Siyavula assignment, which will be sent to the eligible learners.
  12. These learners will have two chances to do the assignment: once on Tuesday 29 September, and once on Wednesday 30 September.
  13. Learners can choose to do the assignment on either or both days; their best attempt will be counted.
  14. The winner (for each subject and grade) will be the learner who achieves the highest score in the assignment.
  15. If there is a tie between learners, the prize will be awarded to the learner who made fewer mistakes. If still tied, the winner will be the learner ranked higher on the leaderboard (ranked at midnight on 27 September).
  16. Final prizewinners will be announced on Thursday 1 October.

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