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All your questions on assignments, answered

Over the past year, we've made some big improvements to our assignments feature - many at your request! Here are answers to the top 20 questions we've been asked ...

By Deborah Torrington
on February 26 2020
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Everything you've ever wanted to know about assignments
Everything you've ever wanted to know about assignments

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Learners and assignments

Can a learner do an assignment if I'd already sent it out before they joined the class?

Yes. Once learners link themselves to your class, they will have access to all assignments you’ve sent out to the class they’ve joined, even if they were not a member of the class at the time you sent them. (If they join the class after an assignment is sent they won’t receive any pop-up notifications or messages about the assignment though.) Their assignments can be found by following the My Assignments button from their learner home page.

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Can my learners do a question in an assignment more than once?

Yes, they can. At the end of each question, they will have the choice of either moving on or doing the same kind of question again. You’ll see how many attempts were made on each question in your assignment report (and you can choose whether or not to award a mark based on the average of all attempts made, or simply count the last attempt made on a question).

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Do learners all get the same question in an assignment?

No, each learner will get a version of the same question, i.e. it will be testing the same concept and of a similar difficulty level, but the specific question will be different.

Does an assignment need to be finished in one sitting, or can a learner come back to it later?

Learners can come back to an assignment at a later stage, and do not have to finish it in one sitting. The assignment will be shown as incomplete on their assignments page, until every question has been done.

How will learners know when an assignment is complete?

Once learners have tried each question at least once, they’ll receive a message at the end of the assignment telling them that they’ve finished.

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Where can I see how my learners have done in an assignment?

Each assignment is marked immediately, and all results are captured in an Assignment Report. This can be viewed under Sent Assignments on your Assignments page. Simply click on View in the Report column. This will take you to the class report, and from here, you can view each learner’s individual assignment report.

Teachers and assignments

Can teachers send an assignment to a class they don't teach?

Yes, as long as that teacher is linked to those classes. Many of our schools do this, as it saves time for one teacher to create and send an assignment to a whole grade, for example. Here's how ...

Can other teachers see my assignments?

Yes, if you send an assignment to another teacher’s class, that assignment (and the report) can be viewed by the teacher. You can also share an assignment with another teacher, by selecting the assignment, and clicking on the white Share button. Here's how ...

Can I share an assignment with other teachers?

Yes, you can share an assignment with other teachers via email, or by sharing the URL link. However, the teacher who you share the assignment with has to have a Siyavula teacher account in order to access it. It's easy to do ...

Creating assignments

Once I create an assignment, when can I preview it?

You can preview each question (and solution) before you select it by clicking on the blue Do this question button. But you can only see an assignment as a learner will experience it once the assignment has been sent, by clicking on the name of the assignment in the Sent assignments table.

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Can I set one question multiple times in an assignment?

No, you cannot yet set an assignment where the same question template is asked multiple times. However, you can tell learners that you’d like them to attempt a question more than once; the number of times they attempt each question will be reflected in your assignment report.

How is the order of the assignment questions determined?

The order of the questions in the assignment, as the learners will experience it, is based on the order in which you selected the questions while setting the assignment. You can’t reorder the questions before sending it to learners yet. It’s also worth noting that if you edit a draft assignment and remove an earlier question and put in a new one, the new question will come at the end of the assignment.

Can I edit an assignment once I've sent it out?

No. Once an assignment has been sent out, it can no longer be edited. However, you can reuse a sent assignment, and make changes to the reused assignment.

Can I delete an assignment that has been sent out?

No, once an assignment has been sent to learners, it cannot be deleted.

Where do I print out an assignment?

This feature is not yet available. But using a screen clipping tool to copy and paste into a word document is a quick way of creating worksheets or of using Siyavula question items in tests or exams.

Deadlines and schedules

Can I set a deadline date for an assignment?

Yes, you can! This is a new feature that many of our teachers have requested. When you’re creating or editing the assignment, you’ll be able to choose a deadline date and time for your assignment. Here's how to set a deadline date ...

Can I choose when an assignment should go live?

Yes. When you’re creating or editing an assignment, you can choose that the assignment only goes live at a date and time in the future. The assignment will then appear on your learners’ assignment page on that date. Here's how to schedule an assignment ...

Can I change the due date after an assignment has been sent?

No, but all is not lost! Learners can still do the assignment (it will just move down to their Past Assignments table, and they'll get a warning that their work may not be counted in the report). However, you can choose to include all attempts made on an assignment, which would include those done after the due date.

If I schedule a draft assignment to go live at a later date, will it automatically go out then?

No. You must make sure that when you schedule an assignment, you click the green Send at Scheduled time button, and not the Save as draft button.

Using assignments for marks

How can I use assignments for term marks?

Any way you like! You might choose to have several assignments feature in your term mark as a single “Siyavula assignments” item with an appropriate weighting. Our downloadable assignment reports can assist you with this. There are also several ways you can customise how the results of each assignment are calculated when generating the report - check out the options in the grey box at the top of the assignment report!

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