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Introducing the Champion Package

We are excited to introduce a completely new package as part of our schools’ offering - the Champion Package.

By Mark Horner
on July 30 2019
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Be a Champion Teacher now
Be a Champion Teacher now

Be a Champion Teacher now

We are excited to introduce a completely new package as part of our schools’ offering - the Champion Package. The Champion Package is our flexible starter package for individual teachers priced at only R4999 per year.

The Champion Package includes a teacher licence which allows up to two teachers within a school:

  • complete use of the Siyavula teacher-facing tools including access to Siyavula’s question bank and assignment setting functionality,
  • setup for up to 5 classes, and
  • access for all the learners in those classes to all available grades of Practice and Exam Prep for the relevant subject.

We know that one size doesn’t fit all in a school environment and we want to enable schools and teachers to operate differently to before.

We’ve been working with schools since April 2012 and, regardless of their infrastructure and resources, schools have a wide variety of operational strategies and there are teachers that are in very different stages on their e-learning / IT journeys with very different approaches in the classroom.

The Champion Package offers new flexibility, catering for the situation where one or two teachers in a school want to use Siyavula in an immersive way, without yet requiring that all teachers get involved. In some schools this is a great way to trial the product effectively but in other schools there may be only some teachers who are ready to adopt our platform and integrate it into their teaching giving schools new options.

It also lowers the barrier to entry and simplifies the decision-making process - for many schools that we have been working with the price of getting started is less likely to require going outside of Departmental budgets.

We think that the Champion Package really is the ideal way to start out with Siyavula for your school:

  • Allowing access to all teacher functionality including
    • The full Siyavula question bank,
    • Teacher dashboard,
    • Assignments setting,
    • Automated reporting on Practice activity, assignments, and curriculum progress, and
    • Class leaderboards
  • Includes access for all learners in the classes to
    • Siyavula Practice for all available subject-grades
    • Siyavula Exam Prep for all available subject-grades
  • Includes remote support - we complete class setup with ongoing email and/or telephonic support and assistance via online chat

The Champion Package is immediately available at R4999 per annum and to celebrate we have a launch special for the remainder of 2019 - buy now for 2020 and get access to the Champion Package for the rest of 2019 for free!

Contact [email protected] or complete this form to enquire about getting your Champion Package now for 2020!

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