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Siyavula's #1MillionMaths is on!

What is #1MillionMaths all about? It's when we challenge all South African learners to do at least #1MillionMaths questions, and win some great prizes at the same time!

By Deborah Torrington
on September 13 2019
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Siyavula #1MillionMaths
Siyavula #1MillionMaths

Siyavula's #1MillionMaths is happening this October!

With exams looming, it's time to start revising! And what better way to revise than working through maths questions on the Siyavula website? Even better, during October, you stand in line to win great prizes by entering our #1MillionMaths competition!

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Here's how we're making it easier for you to succeed ...

  • We're making it easier to learn - the Siyavula practice platform will be free for all learners in South Africa for the month of October
  • We're making it fun - by having leaderboards for everyone who joins in
  • We're making it rewarding - by giving away great prizes during October
  • And we're all going to do this together!

#1MillionMaths is all about learners motivating each other, and pushing hard to do their very best in the end-of-year exams.

#1MillionMaths is a little different from last year

In previous years, we had one leaderboard for everyone, and you were ranked by the number of atoms you earned during the month.

This year, there'll be five leaderboards - one for each grade. So now Grade 8 learners won't be competing with Grade 12s! You'll only be competing with learners in your own grade.

What's really important is to check that your grade is correct on your profile if you want to win any prizes!

There's more! Each grade leaderboard also has four leagues, with prizes for each league. This increases your chances of winning a reward - and it means you don't have to be in the top 10 of the country to win a prize.

The league you're in will depend on the percentage of stars that you’ve collected this year on your Practice dashboard. Here are the leagues:

  • Bronze League: 0 - 25% of the stars
  • Silver League: 26 - 50% of the stars
  • Gold League: 51 - 75% of the stars
  • Platinum League: 76 - 100% of the stars

This means that you'll be given credit for work you’ve done throughout the year. And then we'll count the atoms you earn during October, to give your ranking in the league you're in.

The Daily Challenge

To stand a chance of winning a daily prize, you need to complete the daily challenge of a minimum of 10 questions and collect a minimum of 250 atoms to be entered into the draw.

This means that you can still win, even if you're not in the top 10 on the leaderboard.

Daily prize winners are drawn at 12pm for work done the previous day.

Winners will be notified via SMS or email.

Grand Prize Draw for October 2019

To qualify to win a grand prize, learners have to collect a minimum of 5 000 atoms in the month, and should aim to work their way up through the leagues to get to Platinum by mastering chapters.

Final grand prizes will be awarded to the three learners with the highest mastery in each grade, plus there will be additional lottery-style prizes for everyone else in each league at the end of the month. The more stars you have, the more entries you'll get into the draw for the lottery-style prizes. (Grand prize winners will be excluded from this draw so everyone has a chance of winning.)

More stars = more chances to win!

For each grade maths leaderboard, the top three positions will win prizes. By position, these prizes will be:

  1. Laptop
  2. 10 inch tablet
  3. 7 inch tablet

We will verify your grade and school for these prizes.

Check our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/siyavula/), Facebook Group (#SiyavulaRiseUpSquad) or follow us on Twitter (@Siyavula) for competition announcements.

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