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Now you can schedule assignments and set a deadline!

It's something our teachers have been asking for - the ability to choose when a Siyavula assignment should start and end. We've made it really easy to do ...

By Deborah Torrington
on January 31 2020
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Photo by Agê Barros on Unsplash
Photo by Agê Barros on Unsplash

Photo by Agê Barros on Unsplash

When we created the assignment feature on Siyavula, one of the first things teachers requested was to be able to set an assignment deadline, and to choose when an assignment should go live. We're happy to say that this has now been built!

First create your assignment as before

As before, go to your Assignments page, click on Create Assignment, and follow the same steps as before:

  1. Choose the class or classes you want to send the assignment to
  2. Give your assignment a title
  3. Select the questions you want to include in your assignment

And here's the important new part ...

You can now choose an open and/or an end date for your assignment: all you need to do is:

  • Choose whether the assignment should open immediately (i.e. Start now) or click on Add a start date
  • If you choose Add a start date, you'll need to select the date and time of when the assignment should open for learners
  • Choose a due date by clicking on Due on
  • Select the date and time that the assignment should end
  • Click on Schedule Assignment

Screenshot 2020-01-31 at 10.14.54.png

A couple of things to be aware of:

  • If you choose a start date, the assignment will only appear on the learners' Assignments page as a new assignment that needs to be completed on that date.
  • If you choose an end date, the assignment will still be available afterwards for learners to do. And you will be able to choose whether or not to include any questions answered AFTER the due date has passed on your Assignment Report. This gives you the ability to grant an extension if you'd like to!
  • If you schedule an assignment by entering dates, but then click on the grey Save as draft button, the assignment will remain a Draft Assignment and will not be sent out at the scheduled time.

Where you'll find your scheduled assignment

Once you've scheduled your assignment, you'll find it on your Assignments page, under Scheduled Assignments.

Screenshot 2020-01-31 at 10.39.23.png

You'll still be able to go into the assignment to make changes, until the point that it is sent out. Once your assignment has been sent, it will move into the Sent Assignments table.

Why we think you'll love this new feature

  • You can create assignments when and where it suits you - and no more remembering to send out a draft assignment.
  • You'll have far more control over when learners can do assignments.
  • You'll be able to check the assignment reports at your leisure, because the report will only capture work done during the scheduled time.
  • You'll have a more accurate picture of the work that learners have put into an assignment.

Enjoy using this great new feature - and as with everything we build at Siyavula. we welcome your ideas! Please email us with any comments you may have.

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