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While schools are closed, Siyavula remains open!

The closure of schools due to the Covid-19 pandemic is a worrying and testing time for all educators, particularly those tasked with preparing our current matrics for their final exams.

By Deborah Torrington
on March 17 2020
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While schools are closed, Siyavula remains open!
While schools are closed, Siyavula remains open!


While schools remain closed until at least 14 April, Siyavula is open - and we're here to assist you as you navigate new and ingenious ways of teaching.

These ideas may give you some inspiration for the forthcoming period:

Set assignments:

Send your learners regular assignments as homework, revision, or as part of their continuous assessments. Some of our teachers create an assignment on subject matter they've yet to teach: they set easier questions, and then encourage learners to come back with their questions.

If you have any questions about how to use assignments, here are answers to our most commonly-asked questions.

Share questions via Whatsapp:

If you haven't already, set up a WhatsApp group with your class, and share questions this way. It's easy to do: if you're looking at a question on Siyavula Practice, there's a Share this question link on the page. Encourage your learners to share questions they're struggling with on your WhatsApp group, and get everyone involved!

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Use the Siyavula question bank:

You have access to ALL Siyavula's questions. Under Classroom Tools on your Teacher home page, you'll see links to all our maths and science questions. If you are teaching via Google Hangouts or something similar, you'll be able to bring up your chosen questions as you teach. You can also take screenshots of questions to share with learners.

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Tell your learners to practice for mastery:

You can give your learners a section or chapter that they need to master. You can monitor their progress by checking your Practice Dashboard for that class. Share their progress by creating leaderboards, and recognising those learners who're working hard.

Use Siyavula Exam Prep:

This is particularly for your Grade 11 and 12 learners: they have free access to Exam Prep, which are exam questions based on real CAPS past papers. They can practise the papers either as a complete exam, or by topic. Encourage learners to identify where they're struggling, and then to focus on those topics.

Use our textbooks:

All Siyavula textbooks can be found on our website, and are free for your learners to use.

Remind learners that our website is zero-rated!

Please remind learners that our website is zero-rated with Vodacom or MTN, so learners can practise or read our textbooks without incurring any data costs. So even while they're not at school, they can still be learning.

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