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End of chapter exercises

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Exercise 8.2

A wave travels along a string at a speed of \(\text{1,5}\) \(\text{m·s$^{-1}$}\). If the frequency of the source of the wave is \(\text{7,5}\) \(\text{Hz}\), calculate:

  1. the wavelength of the wave

  2. the period of the wave

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Water waves crash against a seawall around the harbour. Eight waves hit the seawall in \(\text{5}\) \(\text{s}\). The distance between successive troughs is \(\text{9}\) \(\text{m}\). The height of the waveform trough to crest is \(\text{1,5}\) \(\text{m}\).

  1. How many complete waves are indicated in the sketch?

  2. Write down the letters that indicate any TWO points that are:

    1. in phase

    2. out of phase

    3. Represent ONE wavelength.

  3. Calculate the amplitude of the wave.

  4. Show that the period of the wave is \(\text{0,625}\) \(\text{s}\).

  5. Calculate the frequency of the waves.

  6. Calculate the velocity of the waves.

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