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Are you ready for #1MillionMaths — the Schools League?

Learners, teachers & schools

It’s all about working together this year. Practise together, and win!
Prizes for your school, for teachers, and for learners.

On your marks … get set … go!

This year’s #1MillionMaths Challenge is for


Get your learners practising, and win one of our great teacher prizes.


With all your learners working, you could be the #1MillionMaths Champion for 2021.


There are plenty of prizes to be won in our weekly draws, and prizes for top learners.

How to join

Let’s stand up for education in South Africa. We’re asking you to help us reach our goal of one million Mathematics and Physical Sciences questions during September.


Encourage your learners to practise in their grades on Siyavula during September. Every question they do takes you closer to the prize!


Join as a Mathematics or Physical Sciences department, and your school could be the #1MillionMaths School Champion for 2021.


Practise during September, and you could win a prize in our #WeeklyDraw. And with grand prizes for our top learners, there’s a great incentive to achieve 100% mastery on our site.

How it works

Learn and win in this year’s #1MillionMaths Schools League.


Encourage your learners to practise every day, and you could win. Our #TeacherChampions, who will each represent a grade at their school, can win a tablet if their learners gain the highest average mastery on Siyavula.


The schools whose learners earn the most atoms on Siyavula for Mathematics or Physical Sciences at the end of September will be declared the 2021 #1MillionMaths School Champions. The top Mathematics and Physical Sciences Departments will each win goods to the value of R15 000 for their departments, and a trophy for their schools.


To be eligible to win in the #WeeklyDraw, learners must complete at least 10 questions and earn 250 atoms in the week. You’ll automatically be put into the draw for that week to win one of our great prizes. The more you practise, the better your chance of winning!


Any learner who has achieved 100% mastery on Siyavula by 24 September 2021 will be invited to join the final showdown. Learners will need to complete the assignment we send to you - and this will decide the #SiyavulaChampions for 2021. The winners for each grade and subject will all receive a laptop.

The competition ends on Thursday 30 September 2021.

Look who’s behind you

Our partners are keen to see you win too!
They’ve put up some great prizes, and will be rooting for you throughout September.


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The competition

  1. The competition will start on Wednesday 1 September, and end on Thursday 30 September.
  2. Learners and teachers will have to opt in to #1MillionMaths, to be eligible for prizes.
  3. If a learner has already opted in to be part of our national leaderboards, they will automatically be opted in to #1MillionMaths.
  4. The competition will reward both Maths and Science practice.
  5. To be eligible for a prize, learners must be in their correct grade.
  6. To be eligible for a prize, a teacher/learner’s contact details must be up-to-date and correct.

The weekly draw

  1. Any learner who does at least 10 questions and earns 250 atoms during a week will be entered into the weekly draw.
  2. This will be awarded via a randomised draw.
  3. The draw will be done each Monday, for work completed the previous week (Monday to Sunday).
  4. Winners will be notified via SMS or email.
  5. There may be more than one winner each week, and prizes will vary in terms of value and the number of prizes given.
  6. Every effort will be made to announce the winners of the weekly draw each Tuesday, for practice completed the week before.
  7. Learners will have 30 days from notification of their win to claim their prize; prizes will be forfeit if not claimed within this time.

Teacher and school champions

  1. Any Mathematics or Physical Sciences teacher at a school in South Africa is eligible to enter.
  2. Prizes will be awarded to the top teachers for each grade and subject (Mathematics Grade 8–12 and Physical Sciences Grade 10–12).
  3. A teacher will represent a grade or grades at their school.
  4. The teacher winners will be those whose learners have achieved the greatest average level of mastery, across a grade.
  5. School winners will be those schools whose Mathematics or Physical Sciences departments earn the highest number of atoms during September.
  6. Teachers may choose to opt in either specific grades or an entire department, or both.
  7. To be eligible for a teacher prize, the teacher must be associated with a particular grade at their school.
  8. Siyavula reserves the right not to award a prize to a grade or school.

The final showdown

  1. Any learner who has achieved 100% mastery by 24 September 2021 will be invited to join the final showdown.
  2. Learners who achieve 100% mastery will be notified by SMS or email, and invited to join the final showdown, by 27 September 2021.
  3. This will take the form of a Siyavula assignment, which will be sent to each learner on 28 September 2021.
  4. It will remain the learner’s responsibility to ensure that their contact details are correct, so that they are able to join the final showdown timeously.
  5. Learners will be required to complete as much of the assignment as they can within the time limit set.
  6. The learners who do the best in the assignment for their grade and subject will win the grand prize (8 prizes: one per subject/grade).
  7. Winners will be announced on 30 September 2021.
  8. Siyavula reserves the right not to award a learner prize for a grade or subject.