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Set homework, build assignments and track results at the click of a button. Saving you time. Putting you in control.

While learners have free access to practise, our affordable options make it easy for schools to use

Siyavula for schools

Free Champion Premium Unlimited
For a teacher who is trying Siyavula for the first time For a teacher who wants access to all of Siyavula’s teacher tools For a department or school that wants to integrate Siyavula into their teaching, with full access to all features
Annual cost Free R4 999 pa per teacher per subject taught R189 pa per learner per subject
(up to 211 learners)
R40 000 pa per subject
(more than 211 learners)
Free learner access
Access to Siyavula’s Question Bank
Reports on learner activity Basic learner and grade reports* Comprehensive learner, class and grade reports Comprehensive learner, class, grade and school reports Comprehensive learner, class, grade and school reports
Learners viewed in classes No classes: learners viewed per grade only Five classes per teacher (and up to 50 learners per class) Five classes per teacher (and up to 50 learners per class) Unlimited number of classes per teacher per school
Teachers can set assignments
Accounts for parents

*Once teachers have been verified on our system, they will be able to see learner activity and a basic summary report per grade.

Tutoring companies

R4 999 pa or R499 pm for up to 50 students
(Price on request for more than 50 students)

Organisations and universities

R189 pa per student, with volume discounts for orders over 1 000 students. Please email us for a quotation.

Questions on pricing? Contact us

E-mail: sales@siyavula.com
  • Get a mix of questions that is just right for your class. The more they improve, the more difficult the questions become.

  • We’ll check their answers instantly, give step-by-step explanations on how to tackle each question, and help you and your learners easily keep track of their progress.

  • All you need is internet access through a computer, tablet or phone.

Pricing valid July 2020 – June 2021