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Introduction and key concepts

Chapter 2: Patterns, relationships and representations

2.1 Introduction and key concepts (EMG35)

You may well have seen diagrams in a newspaper or magazine displaying information such as how the price of petrol changes over time, or how banking fees have increased. These diagrams show us the relationship (or connection) between two things (like the price of petrol and time). They often follow particular patterns and there are, in fact, rules about how those relationships work and how they can be represented.

In this chapter, we will learn about:

  • how graphs that we see around us in newspapers and magazines tell a story, which we can interpret by looking at features of the graphs.
  • relationships between quantities that follow particular patterns.
  • number patterns that are linear and form straight lines when we plot them on graphs
  • number patterns that are inverse proportions and that form curved graphs.
  • how to find rules or formulae for patterns in tables and graphs.